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Lock Around the Clock

Commercial Locksmith

Lock Around the Clock provide a full range of locksmith and security services to a large commercial client base.

From the smallest jobs, such as repairing existing locks and fitting replacement ones, to the largest ones, such as commercial safe installation and security gates, we provide fast, efficient service, meaning that your business is always well protected, and any problems or situations that arise are handled quickly, enabling businesses to be back up and running and protected in the shortest possible time.

Our clients include breweries, pubs, service stations and repossession companies. We are also proud to have contracts for government departments including the Ministry of Defence, where the high standards of security and professionalism required are a testament to the quality of our work and reputation within security and locksmiths services.

We can provide work for commercial clients on a contract basis or as one-off work whenever required.

For any enquiries please CALL US us on 07581 071660 or Contact Us

Why Us

  • Fast, Efficient Service
  • Trusted Supplier to major companies & government
  • Minimum downtime in your operation
  • Lower insurance costs
  • 24/7 Services

Our full range of commercial locksmith and security services include:

Commercial lockouts

A call out service that can be relied on to quickly get you back to work anytime you can’t access your business. Our business lockout and office lockout services are available around the clock, meaning that whatever the hours of your business and whenever a lock out occurs, we are on hand to help.

Repairs services following Break-in or Burglary

From securing the premises in the immediate aftermath of a break in, burglary or attempted burglary, repairing internal locks, safes and security systems, through to installing additional levels of protection, we provide a full range of repair and security enhancement services for small, medium and large businesses.

Commercial safe installation

Whatever the business, we can supply and install a safe that offers you extra protection and on-site security, helping to reduce insurance costs and provide you with piece of mind .

Lock fitting, lock upgrades and high-security locks

Helping to keep your business safe when you need the highest levels of security for your premises, we can upgrade existing locks or fit new high security locks conforming to the most rigorous safety standards on the market, to offer you full protection at all times.

Security gates ,mailboxes, fences and window locks

We provide specially designed security solutions from gates and fences to protect external parts of the premises, to mailboxes and window locks to provide additional protection against unlawful entry or damage to the internal parts of the building.

Door and key services

As well as installing new lock sets and keys we can provide duplicate keys for existing locks and deadbolts, master key systems to keep all areas of your premises secure, and door repair, door opening and key change services as an when needed.

Repossession and property securing

We offer comprehensive repossession and property securing services, where you need to gain access to premises and secure them to prevent re-entry or other unauthorised access following repossessions.

Emergency repair work

We carry out other emergency repair work, with a 24/7 service 365 days a year.

For further information see our Emergency Services